Forever Employable


1) Plant a flag

What are you passionate about?

What are you expert in?

What path do you want for the future to take?

What aspects of your whole person has value to others?

Insights → Opportunity → Hypotesis

I believe that [this] provided to [target audience] will [achieve this outcome], I will know I am right when I see [quantifiable changes in the behaviour of my target audience]

2) Tell your story

  1. Characters
  2. Plot
  3. Story arc
  • Who are you speaking to?
  • What they care about?
  • What language they speak?
  • What makes them heroes?

3) Follow the new path

  • Think about the outcome of your new path through networking, questions, and examples

4) Teach

  • Find who’s already doing it good and follow them
  • Workshops and connections

5) Give it all Away

Future-proof your career