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Design Playback


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Design System

How would you document updates to our Design System?

  • Write guidelines that act as a source of truth, or reference material.
  • When, where, why, and how do you use it?”
  • Document and/or demonstrate any functionality, animation, or conditional logic.
  • Lead by example and show example use cases.
  • Include as much detail as is appropriate, code included.

What to expect

You will get the role. What will you practically do next?

  • Study the current situation.
  • Advocate for the system.
  • Establish design system processes with an how-to add new components
  • Ensure that any processes for updates and maintenance are upheld.
  • Usability Testing to educate designers on system design best practices
  • Research and discover new and improved ways to manage and maintain the system β€” whether it’s technology, processes, or design tools that could help the team.
  • Promote and seek opportunities for designers and developers to work together.
  • Keep everyone up-to-date and engaged with the system.
  • Deal with any resistance to the system.