Consolidating a global multiplatform SumUp design system that serves our web sites and mobile iOS and Android apps and services.



How would you Integrate the new experience with the design system and ensure any new components are available to our teams?

Objectives / Goals

  • Approach this scenario
  • Ensure alignment across teams and disciplines
  • Championing measurable impact on business performance through your work.
  • Experience in leading and executing design vision and planning
  • Drive global identity topics as well as hiring and mentoring experience



What is the problem that the current Design System is solving?

Design Meeting: OBJECTIVE: Understand the brand depth of design systems
  • How many elements are included
    • How many specific components have been declined (variants)
      • Understand the mobile app what it is and how it is declined

Engineering Meeting: OBJECTIVE: Background history of the DS feasibility and struggles
  • 1-o-1 app developers and designers of skills and history with the company
  • 1-o-1 with the team to understand the story (researcher, one designer components)
Business Meeting: OBJECTIVE: What is the business priority on the Design System
  • Listen to the management business management (CFO, CEO) on how much they want to risk
    • How much they are committed (scope of quality)


What processes are effective to ensure an optimal contribution, maintenance and purpose experience of the DS?

  • Advocating
  • Contributing
  • Collaborating

  1. Onboarding all designers to support real-time and cross-team collaboration
  2. Producing shared, brand-aligned digital assets and guidelines
  3. Map and re-distributing service and business design oriented templates (phyigital experience) across product teams
  4. Supporting individuals and teams adopting and contributing to shared assets
  5. Continuing the internal communication and awareness raising