The Long-Distance Teammate


3 P

  • Productivity: get the best work done in the time allocated and help the rest of his team and organisation.
  • Proactivity: keeping an eye out for obstacles in the distance
  • Potential: think about the long-term effects of your actions, and how they fit in with your goals.

You're part of a bigger team and purpose

Productivity questions

  • Where is your focus right now?
  • What's the best use of your time?
  • How can you influence others to maximise your productivity?
  • What habits help or hinder your productivity?

Communication Tools

  • What we say (text)
  • How we say it (audio)
  • How we look (video)

Ethical visibility

Suggestion and tips are not about you, but in the context of the team.


  • Be kind and open
  • Listen to others