SOCIAL in Airbnb Experiences

SOCIAL in Airbnb Experiences


Working Time

6 days

Project Details

Explain what Experiences are and how SOCIAL Experiences can be integrated into the current booking flow.

My Role

The final goal was a UI exercise with delivery of a prototype but there was also the desire to plan a user search to justify and derive value from this feature.


  • Design a consistent UI feature to the app
  • Plan a User Research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Problem Statement
  • User Flow
  • Prototyping from the Low-Fi
  • Testing
  • Create a realistic High-Fi Prototype

Problem Statement


UI Design


Scroll and Stacks

Remaking the native Airbnb flows from 0 in Framer X.


Event confirmation sketch

This was the first concept I quickly draw for start testing and receive feedbacks.

Live Prototype

I created an interactive prototype for each iteration, started from the beginning.