How to Think More Effectively


1. Strategic Thinking

⇒ Spend more time in thinking and planning before executing

2. Cumulative Thinking

⇒ Collect everything to rematch and reuse thoughts

3. Butterfly Thinking

⇒ Jump from thoughts from a direction to another in a specific mood and free mindset. Anxiety is the first obstacle of creative thinking

4. Independent Thinking

⇒ Imagine that it’s only related to your way of seeing reality, without external authorisations or influence from masters

5. Focused Thinking

⇒ Describe any experience with a specific and meaningful way of interacting; don’t be vague

6. Philosophical Thinking

  1. What I’m anxious about?
  2. What I’m mad about?
  3. What’s something that excites me?

7. “Mad” Thinking

⇒ Imagine that you have non chance to fail

8. Friend Thinking

⇒ Listen with care and love

  1. Why do you think it may be?
  2. Can you say more about how that was for you?
  3. How did that leave you feeling

9. Reading Thinking

⇒ Become interested not only in what the author says but in what we might think

10. Envious Thinking

⇒ Understand what you really like from people you admire-

11. Analogical Thinking

⇒ Mix and match different fields to have another perspective

  • If your problem is a moment in history, it would be...

12. Empathetic Thinking

Use yourself as a guide to unlock the secrets of others.

13. Death Thinking

⇒ Consider your existence that’s short

  • What sort of a relationship would you like to have?
  • What parts of the world would you like to see?
  • What kind of job is fit for your talent?
  • What is your mission and purpose?