Outcomes over Output


What are Outcomes?

Outcomes are changes in customers behaviours that drives business results

Outputs → Outcomes → Impact

  • Telling what to make = Outputs Features are not always value
  • Specific Behavior that drives result Outcome
  • Asking high-level value = Impact Not specific enough

Using Outcomes

  1. What are the human behaviors that drive business results?
  2. How can we get people to do more of these things?
  3. How will we know we’re right through testing hypotheses?

Outcomes-Based Planning

We think we can increase the rate of early meetings with [this idea] measured by X, and with [other idea] measured by Y
  • Create a customer journey map
  • Review with the magic question that encourage behaviours
  • “What behaviours at each step predict success and satisfaction? And what behaviours at each step predict failure and dissatisfaction?”

Organising for Outcomes

Real example

Outcomes for Transformation

  1. Your colleagues are your customers
    1. Where people operate very far from end-customers and end-users, we benefit when we use customer-centric approaches with our peers, colleagues, and stakeholders.
  2. Everything is an outcome.
    • Understanding your co-workers’ points of view, their motivations, and the behaviour change you seek to create is the foundation of any transformation effort. Expressing the change you seek in terms of outcomes allows you to build change programs that very specifically target the behaviours you want to promote.”
  3. Everything is an experiment.

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