LUMAS Proposal

For Lumas from VITALE Innovation Consultancy OÜ, on 4 November 2021

Your situation now

LUMAS is a collection of art galleries expertly curated, stunningly produced with an unique affordable value proposition for its art editions almost 300 selected artists and galleries in major cities like Berlin, Paris and New York.

Where you want to be

LUMAS wants to enabling a new art experience for the classic world of art that considers the current digital present (NFTs and Marketplace) for envisioning the future of enjoying art.

The community and interaction of artists and members remains critical. The need is to define a clear strategy to be translated into graphic visuals and consistent and delightful experiences.

How I will help you get there


  1. Brand Design
    1. Questionnaire + 2 Routes - Feedbacks → Execution

    2. Logotype
    3. Colors
    4. Typography
    5. Visual Assets
    6. Tone of voice
    7. Values

  1. UX to UI Sprint
    1. Define the priorities
      1. Experience map
      2. User Flows / MVP jobs to be done
        1. Onboarding
        2. Connect a wallet
        3. Buy an NFT
    2. Execute
      1. Figma file with the UX based on the created brand
      2. Developer comments and easy hand-off


  1. Brand Design Deliverable expected: 25 November
  2. UX/UI Design Expected: 14 January

Why I'm the best for the job

With over 5 years of experience in your industry, I've helped over companies from startup size to Fortune 500 mastodons, including  and Notion to mention. I've worked with multiple companies similar to yours, and helped them achieve their goals. Here are some samples of my recent work.

Recent work

Different options for your needs


Brand Design

✔️ Really effective tailored brand


UX/UI 2A Design

✔️ Priced estimation on the priorities I imagined

✔️ Fully working prototype

+ extra to quantify

✔️ If something needs to be add, I'd be able to scope the price accordingly

Outside the framing or for new features not on scope added to the 3 basic one I envision, there's an extra to quantify.

Those prices are for the timeline discussed. They decrease by dilating the times starting from January.

At the beginning of a project, I invoice 50% at the beginning and 25 % in the middle with 25% at the end of a project.

The rate will be fixed. Meaning that sometimes I work a bit more, and sometimes I might work a bit less. And that should be fine. I will track hours for myself, but the deliverable is what I use as a guide to make sure we don't plan in too much.

Hourly: I charge €85 an hour if you hire me based on the amount of hours I work.


Getting started

If you agree to work with me, these are the next steps:

  1. Let me know which plan suits you best
  2. I make a service level agreement with a high level outline of how we work together, and who is responsible for what, which you need to sign.
  3. I send an invoice for the first 50% of the project.
  4. After you've paid we setup a call to discuss the project strategy.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm sure you have some. I am available by email at raffaelevitalebusiness@gmail.com. Here are my availabilities: