Who Not How


The Whos at the center means improving:

  1. time
  2. income
  3. relationship
  4. purpose

1) Freedom of Time

Who can help me accomplish this?

Leadership is all about being clear + explicit

  1. Clarify goals
  2. Explain the goals

Stop thinking about the How, focus on the WHO

⇒ First Who is always yourself: improve and value yourself, optimal form and connected to the most important people in your life


  • Connects you with different knowledge
  • Getting the desired result as effective as possible
  • Can immediately free up hundreds of hours
  • Expand your vision

2) Freedom of Money

More time = More money

More “Whos” help you stay in the flow, and be productive.

If money can solve or ease a problem, then you don’t have a problem anymore.

4) Freedom of Relationship

Deeper and higher quality relationships becoming a generous giver

⇒ Serve other without any expectations

  1. Who the person is
  2. Context
  3. What they value
  4. What they care about
  5. What they’re trying to accomplish

Team building and collaboration

  1. Don’t think you know exactly what you’re doing = Get open to other’s ideas
  2. Support and encourage = Constantly give and accept feedbcks
  3. Radically open and fast communication = Communicate clearly your needs!
  4. Be the hero for your team!

3) Freedom of Purpose

You want to be a hero to the people you serve, helping them accomplish their goals. You want to be a hero to your team, the Whos you collaborate with on your shared mission and vision