For Client Name from VITALE Innovation Consultancy OÜ, on 1st January 2022

Your situation now

In this section, clearly explain your best understanding of the client’s problem. Try using your notes from the first meeting and using the client's own words. Spend extra time on formulating this part, as it may very well decide if the rest of the proposal will be read or not.

Where you want to be

The goal here is to picture as vividly as possible a future that your client wants to be in. Introduce the solution to their problem. Align expectations: how will this solution specifically solve help them solve their problem? Don't be afraid to use bullet points.

How I will help you get there


Describe how this solution will help them reach that future. Break down the solution into as many parts as you can. The more detailed and transparent, the greater the trust. Tip: If you want to break down costs, do it in the timeline part below.


Break down your process and give an estimation of the time required to Tip: increase your time estimation by 20% to exceed your client’s expectations.

Why I'm the best for the job

Finish by explaining why you're the right one to provide that solution. Show, don't tell! Show examples of similar projects you've carried before. If you have years of experience in their industry, mention it. Include any reference or testimonials. Your experience and enthusiasm will be key differentiators. It's time to brag about yourself!

With over 5 years of experience in your industry, I've helped over companies from startup size to Fortune 500 mastodons, including  and Notion to mention. I've worked with multiple companies similar to yours, and helped them achieve their goals. Here are some samples of my recent work.

Recent work

Different options for your needs

You will increase your chances of getting the project by providing different options to your client. This way you can also leverage the anchor effect to be able to charge more. Provide factual reasons why one option costs more than other.


Templated design

✔️ Feature 1

✔️ Feature 2


Custom integration

✔️ Feature 1

✔️ Feature 2

✔️ Feature 3


Follow-up integrations

✔️ Feature 1

✔️ Feature 2

✔️ Feature 3

✔️ Feature 4

At the beginning of a project, I invoice 50% and the remaining 50% at the end of a project.

The rate will be fixed. Meaning that sometimes I work a bit more, and sometimes I might work a bit less. And that should be fine. I will track hours for myself, but the deliverable is what I use as a guide to make sure we don't plan in too much.

Hourly: I charge $105 an hour if you hire me based on the amount of hours I work.

Getting started

Make it simple and clear what's required from your potential to start the project. Your potential client will almost certainly have additional questions and comments. So make sure to provide your contact informations again to clear their doubts when needed.

If you agree to work with me, these are the next steps:

  1. Let me know which plan suits you best
  2. I make a service level agreement with a high level outline of how we work together, and who is responsible for what, which you need to sign.
  3. I send an invoice for the first 50% of the project.
  4. After you've paid we setup a call to discuss the project strategy.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm sure you have some. I am available by email at Here are my availabilities: