Design Eng. Product Framework


  • Who are my typical customers?
  • What are my customers’ pain points?
  • How does the product/feature I am making fit into their life?
  • What are some of their habits or behaviors?
  • What are their needs and goals?
  • How does this product solve their problems?
  • What are the most important features for the user?
  • Does our product add value and solve problems for our users?

Business Viability

  • Will this solution benefit the business?
  • How can these pain points be solved?
  • Based on my user, how will the business make a profit?
  • Who are my top three competitors?


The more satisfied a customer is with a product, the more likely they are to recommend it.

  • Effectiveness. Does the product achieve users’ intended goals?
  • Efficiency. Can users accomplish a task with minimum effort?
  • Satisfaction. Does the product make people feel good?


  • Will engineers be able to build the features within the time, resources, and technology available?

Prototype (POC)

  • How much time do I have?
  • Who is on my team?
  • Is there anything else I would like to test and validate before the features get released?

Questions at the intersection

  • Where are your team’s collaborative pain points? Is someone constantly having to pick up the slack? Is a single person a bottleneck for a workflow or process?
  • Are unhealthy team dynamics emerging? Are designers and engineers increasingly feeling unheard or undervalued for their contributions?
  • Do we frequently experience feasibility surprises and amass technical debt as a result? Do we find ourselves reinventing the wheel? Are we losing time solving solved problems and duplicating code and effort?
  • Who owns the work? Who is accountable? Who reviews the code? How does a component get shared? How do we collaborate on ownership?
  • Is our approach too waterfall-like? Are engineers unable to start working (prototyping, validating, scoping work) until designs are finalized? Are designers having to make decisions without having requirements set?
  • Are design and UI in alignment? When design brand guidelines are updated, who makes sure those changes are correctly updated at the appropriate level without creating overrides or inconsistent implementation? How do we test that something is not missing?
  • Are we having a lot of unnecessary, unproductive meetings? Are we throwing time at the problem of communication gaps?