Introducing SOCIAL in Airbnb Experiences
Introducing SOCIAL in Airbnb Experiences

Introducing SOCIAL in Airbnb Experiences


Help Airbnb with a booking procedure to a new type of nonprofit Experience.

Working Time

6 days

Project Details

Explain what Experiences are and how SOCIAL Experiences can be integrated into the current booking flow.

My Role

The final goal was a UI exercise with delivery of a prototype but there was also the desire to plan a user search to justify and derive value from this feature.


  • Design a consistent UI feature to the app
  • Plan a User Research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Problem Statement
  • User Flow
  • Prototyping from the Low-Fi
  • Testing
  • Create a realistic High-Fi Prototype

Problem Statement


UI Design


Scroll and Stacks

Remaking the native Airbnb flows from 0 in Framer X.


Event confirmation sketch

This was the first concept I quickly draw for start testing and receive feedbacks.

Live Prototype

I created an interactive prototype for each iteration, started from the beginning.

Testing was conducted during the discovery phase to identify the biggest pain points in the current version. During the redesign: Testing was done at every milestone of the project. Invision prototypes were shared with stakeholders to get early feedback. After numerous surveys and user pilots, we launched the platform in June 2017 for our partner clients.

The redesign resulted in improved visual heirarchy and a refactoring of CSS increase google page ranking by 100%. Signup page conversion increase and a fully redesigned onboarding process and better UX to alow the user to connect and input complex 3rd party integrations with ease.