Talent Basket

Crete career opportunities and social empowerment for every talent in the global economy

BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: What were we trying to improve?

Company positioning

so that both business customers and student talents can clearly understand our value proposition.

Online conversion

from the business customers to sign up a free consultation to talk to us

Business customer sign up

so that we can better pre-qualify their needs and work scopes to make sure we onboard suitable customers whom we can truly serve well.

Student sign up

by clearly demonstrating the value of being in the Talent Basket network.

  • Conversion Rate

USER GOALS: What are our users trying to achieve?

The students

join our global community, receive free digital marketing training, and access to alumni and mentor network. Students can also apply these practical learning by applying them on digital marketing internship projects for clients all around the world. Students will gain work experiences, school credits and future career opportunities.

The Businesses

with defined digital marketing plans and tasks but currently face understaffed challenges to carry them out due to lack of budget to bring onboard in-house or professional freelancer personnels. Businesses will find reliable, and cost competitive student interns to help them with digital marketing task implementations to speed up their online growth.

CONSTRAINTS: What restrictions did I have to consider?

  • Timeline of two months
  • Business Sign Up Platform not yet ready
  • Testing and reiteration to make

  • CEO
    • Developer
    • Business Partner

RESPONSABILITIES: What was I responsible for?

  • Product Strategy
  • UX / UI Redesign

Improve the conversion and task success rate redesigning a new UX / UI experience


Figuring out the problem started with research and evaluating our existing designs



First impressions┬á­čĹë

If this is the first thing our users see, how do we best capture their attention?

How does it work?┬á­čĹë

Is this an accurate representation of what users can expect from signing up?

What is Product?

Is this the best way to define our value? Is this definition clear to our audience?


Finding creative ways to explore different page layouts and collaborate



Moving forward with our sections, considering content, and iterating further

Image of recent + previous iterations


Laying the foundation to scale our product

As the sole product designer, it was my responsibility to make design decisions that not only solved the problem at hand but considered the future of the product.


Launching our new landing page(s)


  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate reduced
  • Increased


Reflecting on my process, the project outcome, and how IÔÇÖve grown in this role

What went well

What I'd do differently