What’s Moodrise®️?

Moodrise®️ exists to deliver curated images, video, and audio to positively (and specifically) impact brain chemistry, and progressively elevate your mood.

App store description

They call this Digital Nutrition®️

Think of it as a vital supplement to your existing digital diet.

Everything you see or hear on Moodrise®️is positive and purposeful and uniquely designed to boost your sense of well-being.

Offer curated images, video, and audio to positively (and specifically) impact brain chemistry, and progressively elevate your mood.


Why now?

Because we’re living in the midst of a global mental health crisis, with more than 300M people actively suffering from clinical depression, and hundreds of millions more impacted by mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety.


The mission

As AeBeZe Labs states, is to support individual emotional needs, improve mental health, strengthen resilience and elevate well-being. That’s our mission.

Me as a Persona

  • Goals

My goals in using this app are to feel better and be able to obtain a mental awareness benefit that can lead to an optimal state of health.

  • Motivation

I am motivated to use the app because, although there are immediate benefits, I believe that the optimal mood and digital help offered are seen in the long term.

  • Behaviors 

The context is manifold, given the immediacy and ease with which the app is used and placed: in a noisy or chaotic context like everyday life or in a moment of peace and tranquility.


The Onboarding

I sincerely appreciated such an onboarding, where you have already started the app and are already in one of its main functions.

Communicate the mission

Immediately, because to satisfy a need, users, in this case, want to know the short-term benefit.

I find the scientific description extremely relevant.

*Okay, will you help me, how are you different?”

Moodrise®️ responds with a fantastic experience from this point of view.

In 45 seconds

I was able to understand

00 - 00:15 Exactly what the app does

00:15 - 00:40 What its purpose is

00:40 - 00:48 How it wants to do it let's jump on it!

The Check-In

Check-In is a daily basis update, that we make to keep track of our mood to allow Moodrise to helps us.

We can check-in multiple times a day.

I find it a winning idea because following a mood change we would like to be able to update our status.


"How do you feel?"

Slider experience

At the beginning I had a bit of difficulty understanding this interactive experience.

The adjective changes according to the sphere if it is located above or below, to be dragged with your finger.

I would give the first Log-In the opportunity for 5 seconds to show it animate with the icon of a sliding finger.

After the first time, is very hard to forget.


I'm feeling...

Single checkboxes

I particularly liked them.

The ease of reading and copy of all these adjectives are fantastic.

Designed to perfection.

I will have toggled the states a dozen times to see how they react.

It would have been interesting to imagine a different type of *active-state* when there were negatives emotions.

I pleasantly noticed the detail of the app to insert “Negative” feelings such as “Other”, perhaps helps us to feel better.


The factors are...

Objectify the factors

How many times are we self-piloted by describing our emotions?

Moodrise®️ makes us respond by putting negative states at the forefront with a clear description, and then other more specific circumstances.

Less is more.

I find an excellent choice to to not add a text field to insert details, like other diary apps.

The Dashboard

One of a kind on both perspective.

Really personalised

In the beginning, I had a bit of difficulty understanding this interactive experience.

The adjective changes according to the sphere if it is located above or below, to be dragged with your finger.

I would give the first Log-In the opportunity for 5 seconds to show it animate with the icon of a sliding finger.

After the first time, it is very hard to forget.


The mission of offering personalised content works.

The treatment in evidence aligned to the phone and not to the alignment of the logo is clear and simple without annoying.

The Tab Bar

In the first case, it does not indicate the Home as in the iOS pattern, but the possibility of checking in.Personally, I was a little confused because in this way I don’t have a flow

Let’s see where we can go from here.

👈🏻 📱

Select a treatment

Once you start using it, you will get why Digital nutrition is the proper term.

Before starting


Accurate description

I love the humanisation of experience and the constant explanation of why it helps you. The animation opens with an overlay like a card with a slight delay.

Accessibility first

Suitable for” and “When using this program” it gives us not only access information but also unconsciously believing that it really works.

I believe that the preconception that they are automatic suggestions can be strong enough.


Moodrise itself objectifying these decisions inspires confidence.



Where Moodrise®️ stands out

Give myself a gratification.

Based on the perception of being able to discover and get details on the benefit of what I am doing and why it helps me.


This is where you go from a common "well-being" app to something with added value.

Empower users

A value and a pattern that I found and loved within these treatments.

Once started


Unique detailed experiences

No spoilers, these are treatments that you have to try firsthand to evaluate yourself.

It is a bit like explaining the benefits of Yoga on the body, it is "difficult" to separate the benefits from the general experience.

Exceptional: The examples and guides of the app, as well as the placement of icons and the entire Design System.

Correct gamification

Who said that the phone only serves to fall into video game traps?

I got lost several times in Moodrise®️ and it was really fun



Great Work, Feedbacks, and Comment

I don't know exactly what the comment needs for

if it's for me to realise how it went or is sent to the application.

"How helpful was this treatment?" Here I have some doubts.

I cannot immediately perceive an improvement in terms of aid, it is something that I would evaluate in the longer term.

It might be interesting to have another one in place of the check-in notification that reminds me

"if the previous treatment was helpful". Just my thought.


Why a difference between names?

The first thing that comes to my mind is because in the tab there is "History" and after selecting it I read "Insights", but part of this particularity.

Simple vision

Nothing on this page is clickable

Check-ins and Factors

How I am progressing and the factors involved. Honestly, I would have personally had the pleasure of understanding first the factors that how long I have been using the app, although I believe it depends on the goal of Moodrise®️ to making us check in more.



As for the Treatment, Pillcast is an adjacent section focused only on sound experiences.

Complete audio experience

Program For each "Digital Nutritional Treatment" I have a series of programs to choose from.

I talked about Audio and sound waves in my last

The audio experience is exceptional and seems it's just in the background, but it's not.

You didn't forget the audio, did you?

Division and explanation

  • The attention to detail and objectifying the benefit is fantastic. I know the cure, I know what I stimulate.

The experience is truly personalized

  • Listening to Allen Iverson talking about practice is unforgettable in Focus or the Navajo song in Happiness.

A different music Player

Of all the interfaces, it's the one where you notice a different approach to a music player.

I miss seeing what is playing or how to run it or the volume control.

But then I wonder: "do I really need it or is it just my mental model?"


Profile Page

Profile Picture (?)

There is no profile picture, there is the Mood count in numerical and percentage terms. Kind of like a button that takes you back to Check-In

The cells

I like them without icons and without dividers. Almost as if there was no need, because in reality I do not see the need.


Within the treatments, the appreciation system works and it is possible to save the elements in the profile.

Track your mood button

It's an alternative that "closes" me in terms of scrolling the page and it works, but it's a completely different and unusual pattern in the app. Moreover, it is not consistent with the Check-In buttons in this sense.


The patterns I noticed


Vision  👀

The colours are decidedly gaudy and inspire based on the objective to be improved.

Pleasant interactions

The animations are with a slight delay. There are several, between the swipe of sections and the initiation of therapies.

Whether you check-in or start a therapy or a Pillcast

Hearing 🎧

The app in Pillcast does a fantastic job.

Being the Audio part of the experience offered, it is without a doubt optimised well and it is worth using with headphones.

Fitts ’law Although there are many reasons and contexts to add in the Check-In, the buttons are pleasantly of the appropriate size with an evident contrast.


Brand and Visual


The use of gradients and the combination of colours to create the therapies is pleasant.


Aebeze really worked in a masterly way.

The study behind it, from Digital Nutrition to its benefits, is far beyond a normal health app.

The adjectives that I perceive from the brand are: Quiet, Safe, Comfortable, Helpful.


Information architecture 



Some perceived inconsistencies

In the case of Insights, an overlay opens that closes with the X, while in the Pillcast there is the <.

I understand conceptually it can be different, as one is an interactive page and the other is not.

Positioned on the same level of importance, however, I do not understand the difference.

Strange Tab Bar

As I said in the Dashboard, I don't understand the Tab Bar pattern. Different options independent of treatments should differentiate me, however in two cases I have an overlay and in the case of Pillcasts it works as I should expected


See directly in Whimsical

Rethinking the Dashboard


One button, two actions

Imagine this Button as a "Picker" When you move in clockwise, change color according to the treatment you want to do. And could be of the same shape as the one in the check in, so that it becomes the "ball" to answer the first question.

Check-Ins and Pillcast first


Line-Graph to update today

It would be an interesting experiment if by viewing the check-in first, users would be better involved later in starting a treatment.

I took the second screen of the History, and completely removed the other links.

Button to start the treatment


Button floating

In the wireframe I added the line but I'd like to visualise the button as it is present in the Profile section


Special thanks to Julia from Aebeze that was so kind as to send to me the assets!


Made with love by Raffaele Vitale