Product Critique - Vincent

The App

Vincent offers some key features and others in beta that will arrive soon.
Vincent offers some key features and others in beta that will arrive soon.

Stop searching, start learning

No more inbox chaos


The team of Vincent deliver 3-6 handpicked recent articles per day to the inbox to keep up to date with the global design and frontend community


Just stop to aggregate, search, delete newsletters. The information you need, every day, to help maximise your productivity.


A delightful way to stay informed, without the hassle of subscribing to multiple newsletters.

What's in the beta

Bookmark links
Search through archives

Search through archives
Personalized Inbox

Dark mode

Me as a Persona

I have been using Vincent for a long time. I don't remember exactly where I saw it for the first time, but I immediately gave it a try.

  • Goals

Keep me updated with reliable current news on Design and Development topics!

  • Motivation

The motivation that pushes me to use Vincent is that very often on Medium or in other resources I run into really obsolete articles. Vincent helps me choose the best, without signing up or having my email clogged with newsletters.

  • Behaviors 

My behavior in using the app is to read the proposed articles and if I want to save them, I look for them externally. I carefully choose Vincent when I want to learn something, otherwise for random sources of inspiration I open Twitter


Amazing splash Screen

I dreamed of Vincent's beard in this fantastic animation that is completed with the circle even at night. A fantastic job.

Three Onboarding cards

By reinstalling the app to review the Onboarding, I was a little disappointed.

Of the introduction screens, only the first one that explains what the app really does would be enough.

The second and third are more future content that now do not benefit me.

Article Cell Interaction

Hierarchy structure

  • Day
    • Article 1
    • Article 2
    • Article 3

For each article cell, there are 3 possible interactions

Article Read
  • Click to view the article
Share the Article


Useful library

The moment you need a specific notion or inspiration on a topic, you can do it from here.

This is where Vincent goes further.

Being able to find selected articles on a topic that you need to deepen, I find it powerful and expand my possible use with the app.

The pattern I noticed

Freedom of choice.

Whatever my path within the tech world, I have the opportunity to choose whatever interests me, read, and stay within Vincent avoiding the tedious time-wasting procedures in searching, finding and checking reliable articles.



There's so much things going on!

I think it makes a lot of sense for Vincent to make sure that he reaches the product market fit in a sustainable way. There is great potential within the features to be implemented.


Notifications between devices are not updated.


It's a shame to have to use the app at the same time and make sure that the reading of the articles is not updated.


Is there no way to use iCloud to synchronize reading?

Give Vincent a soul!


The idea of a real person who helps and advises me is fantastic!

Where I would see ample margin for improvement is to get more talk and give Vincent more soul as a person!

Read or not?


I have in some cases found it difficult (especially outdoors or in the sun) to check when I have read an article or not.


Chatbot Onboarding


We could achieve greater engagement with users by translating Vincent's features like a chatbot or someone to ask for advice!

Most of these beta features could be validated with a chatbot, starting from the onboarding.

I made a small wireframes to guide the user in Vincent's value beyond simple articles, but as a true friend with whom to chat (and possibly also ask for support!

Highlight opportunity


When I read articles on processes or methodologies, I often want to underline certain paragraphs to fix them in the mind or update them in my daily thoughts. If Vincent could offer a rescue not only of the articles, but of part of the present text?

Thanks a lot to Tamas for the assets!