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Idea Development

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Define the problem statement with as few words as possible. It is okay if it is not pin-point accurate. You can also jot down problems as bullets before defining them in a statement

✅ Solution

Define how you are thinking about the solution. Again it might not be perfectly laid out right away, but important to lay it down

❓Define the Why

Define why is this solution needed or why the problem needs to be solved. Use this space to also detail out the following

  • What is the opportunity size?
  • Why does the target market/user/group needs the solution?

👮 Alternatives/Current State of Competitors

  • What is your target market/group/users using right now for this problem?
  • What is lacking in those solutions?

🌟Value-Props/USPs of your solution

  • What are the unique value props of your solution?
  • How is it better than the existing alternatives?

💻What does the MVP look like?

  • What is the quickest, cheapest and fastest way to test the value prop?
  • How will you define whether the MVP worked or not? What are the success and failure metrics?

⌛Milestones and Timelines

  • Build the milestones(for example user research, launch the landing page etc) and fix timelines along with metrics of completion
  • Fix the ownership and accountability