Design Tokens inVision Report


Design tokens provide teams with a low-risk gateway to speaking the same language and eliminating repetitive work.

When design and developer teams are in sync, they can create cohesive experiences, increase speed to market, and streamline work!ows. But getting both teams to speak the same language isn’t easy. While design systems are the ideal solution, they take substantial time and resources to implement.

A design token is

a design decision: a pairing of the same code and visual properties—design elements you use over and over again in your products—packaged in a format that’s deployable across all platforms.

Design tokens allow you to open up the conversation to say, ‘I want to make sure that the design team is using all of these elements in a consistent way. Can you help me create the system that we can start using everywhere?’ It’s a conversation around how to provide visibility into work developers are already doing for the rest of the design team to make sure you're streamlining the process for everyone.