Influence - powerful communication



Find your purpose or find the exit

What Why you do things

Purpose is the intersection where your passions and your skills overlap with what the world (could) needs

Personal communication


  • What they know
  • What they care about
  • What motivates them
  • How they behave
  • Where they receive information from


  • I fully understand what is being communicated and believe the message is important


  • I feel connected to the message, it has touched me emotionally and made me desire to be part of it


  • I am inspired by the message (and communicator) to now take action


A brand has:

  • A vision of what the fuiture looks like when they have achieved their ambitions
  • A mission that defines and guides how they will achieve this brighter future
  • Values that steer their behaviour, that are authentic and that we can connect with
  • A story of how they found their purpose and how they came to be
  • A core offer that is not about them but what they can do for us, to help us achieve our goals, our desires


Commitment to provide specific products or services, underlined by clear values, consistency and compentency.


Our promise is estabilshed, brought to life and communicated through our personality. The language, the visual, the content, the actions.


Go to the target to let people see the promise and personality.

A brand is the perception of a promise estabilished by a personality.