On Being Nice


1. Kindness

  • Charity
  • The Weakness of Strength Under every strength there’s a weakness Perfect people don’t exist
  • Tragedy The world is unfair
  • Motives Intention of Do vs Meant-To-Do
  • Suffering Everyone is suffering
  • Politeness
    • Protect others Check up with their reactions
    • Notice and celebrate everything Respect with love, not money
    • Spread love

2. Charm

  • Purpose of friendship
    • It’s not always “value exchange” with a purpose

    • Networking
    • Reassurance
    • Fun
    • Clarifying our minds
  • Over friendliness problem
    • Agree on everything ⇒ Fake
    • Love everything ⇒ Be praised
    • Just want to make people feel good to have appreciation
    • Survive social failure

  • Shyness
    • Help them find common ground and break the barriers they see
  • Affectionate Teasing
    • We are not always what we looks like, give a tease help
  • Be Warm
    • However solid and dignified someone appears on the outside, everyone’s struggling.
  • Why Flirting Matters
    • Everyone can be attractive
    • Good flirt ourselves