Product Alignment Document (PAD)

OWNER: Raffaele Vitale TEAM: STATUS:

Opportunity/Problem Framing

Problem Statement:

What problem are we trying to solve? What is the opportunity that we’re addressing?


For whom are we solving this problem?


How do we know this is the right problem to solve? Why this opportunity and not others?

Does this relate to current OKRs and if yes which one? Or is this a proposal for a future OKRs (based on business strategy)?

Is this leading to a competitive neutralizer, differentiator or delighter?

Any links to customer research, conversations or observation from data.

Success Metrics:

How do we know if we solved this problem?

Competitive Research: (if competitive neutralizer)

How did others capture this opportunity / solve this problem?

Potential Solution Directions:

What are some high-level solution directions we explore for capturing this opportunity / solving this problem? Describe potential solutions through short descriptions or high-level sketches / low-fi prototypes (no implementation details at this stage). Compare the high-level solution directions through impact vs complexity (e.g. using high-level t-shirt sizing estimation).

Solution Framing

Proposed Solution:

What is the scope of the proposed solution?

What are the key features?

How complex is it to realize the solution?

Rejected Solutions and Why:

Provide some context on why this solution was picked and the rest of the proposed high-level solution directions were not pursued. Any links to user research, customer data, etc..

Out of Scope:

What is not in the scope of the proposed solution?

Dependencies, Risks and Mitigations:

What are the dependencies?

What are the risks associated with the solution (e.g. compliance, legal, privacy, security, strategic risk, operational, infrastructure stability/scaling risk, etc.) and potential mitigations?

GTM Strategy:

What is the release plan? List the key milestones e.g. dev complete, alpha, beta, general accessibility.

What are the marketing and operational supports needed for this launch?

What’s the pricing and packaging strategy?

Post-launch Recap [Phase 2]

Success Reflection:

How successful we were in achieving our goals according to success metrics and the actual results?


What are the learnings that we can take to improve further?


All the questions coming from the audience and different stakeholders should be listed and answered here so If someone repeated the same questions, it would be easy to refer them to the right section here.


Any extra materials e.g. clarifying documents related to the problem or solution, user research, data, etc..