Who's Raffaele?
Who's Raffaele?

Who's Raffaele?


About Me

I am almost 25 years old, with southern Italian origins and an international spirit.

Finding my way into the tech world growing up with people, at the intersection of

UX design + management + support for communities

I took care of a lot of activities: Airbnb Experience Superhost, part-time remote teacher, UX Researcher, Design Strategy, cashier, remote consultant, Podcasts and Writing activities. Always with a meaning behind that.

Serious about coffee and discovering things that bore me.


What sort of relationship would you like to have?

I'm in Lisbon to actively inspire and be inspired by future ideas, visions and projects with enthusiasm.

People before products; that can feed curiosity happiness

What parts of the world would you like to see?

It seems hard to talk about traveling today, but I think it's really one of the best ways to spend money

During this year, I have consciously wanted and chosen to take 8 flights

To approach a completely different way of life, I am looking forward to visiting Asia

What kind of job is fit for your talent?

I can work on Design implementations, think about the product, interact with users, develop prototypes, face and solve challenges, align and listen...

I am good at connecting different dots, having an overview and adapting to any circumstance.

Can you help me connect dots that I still don't see?

Converting pixels to empathy. Not a genius, just smart enough.

What is your mission and purpose?

Honestly? The "aurea mediocritas", with a specific adaptability

Have a goal, establish a good circle of competences and stay focused on that


Want to connect?

Raffaele Vitale

Digital Product Designer (UX) Notion Advocate