Why Raffaele
Why Raffaele

Why Raffaele

Think globally, act locally

What sort of relationship would you like to have?

If you surround yourself with independent-minded people, you'll hear other people say surprising things will encourage you too, and to think of more

What are you curious about?

I hate feeling ignorant of something.

I don't pretend to be a genius, just curious.

At the moment, I'm optimising myself to learn and do more of what works better for people.

Constantly learning, failing and taking care

What topics come up in your conversations?

Mostly Healthcare, Sustainability, Cooking, Mental Clarity, Tech, Travels

What values do you believe in?
  • Simplicity β€” I like to keep life, design, products, process and communication simple. Complexity is the enemy of success.
  • Trust β€” Trust is an essential ingredient in any relationship to grow and be happy.
  • Calm β€” A calm and focused work environment is what I need to be productive.
  • Fun β€” Work, as a part of life, is supposed to be fun!

What books are you reading?

Check here πŸ‘‡πŸ»


How Why?

What's inspiring you?

Worth mentioning

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