Why Raffaele
Why Raffaele

Why Raffaele

Outcome over output

What gets you up in the morning?

Be the better version of myself to empower people.

What skills can you offer?

Give value without a one specific form.

Work through design problems from beginning to end, translating insights from research and analytics into concepts that form disruptive new products and features, and designing the detailed workflows and interactions required to make them a reality.

Think globally, act locally

What sort of relationship would you like to have?

If you surround yourself with independent-minded people, you'll hear other people say surprising things will encourage you too, and to think of more

What are you curious about?

I hate feeling ignorant of something. I am constantly curious and only good at small things in my circle of expertise. At the moment, I'm optimising myself to learn and do more of what works better.


Constantly learning, failing and growing

What topics come up in your conversations?

Mostly Healthcare, Sustainability, Cooking, Mental Clarity, Travels

What value do you believe in?
  • Vulnerability
  • Kindness
  • Loyalty

What books are you reading?

How Why?

How do you manage your priorities and time schedule?

My effort and time are the most important resources for me: creating systems allow me to avoid draining my willpower and focus on what matters.

What's inspiring you?

Worth mentioning

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