QA, After Launch & Implementation

QA, After Launch & Implementation


Find out if the product is producing the desired result.

Once the product is launched it’s time to measure the results. 

  • Have the desired KPIs been achieved?
  • Have metrics shifted?
  • Are users interacting with the product as intended and is the product producing the desired result? 

This is what I seek to find out at this stage.

To find this out, we provide clients with a correction document for developers and a usage analytics report:

UI Polishing & Correction Document For Developers

At some point after the implementation of a design, it’s very likely that some changes will need to be made. Usually, these are minor corrections that can have a great impact on the design and user experience.

We go over the user interface again to spot any inconsistencies or design flaws and take notes. When I validate the design, we craft a correction document for developers. This document depicts specific parts of the design that need to be corrected with an explanation for each one.

Usage Analytics Reports


A usage analytics report contains insights into how to improve the design and enhance the user experience. But it’s not just data and visuals. The report contains explanations and recommendations on where design improvements can be made and why.

A usage analytics report is also a useful record to see the impact the design has had on the product after developers have acted according to the correction document.