Flat_LX: no climb will scare you anymore

Flat_LX: no climb will scare you anymore

Before moving to Lisbon for my Bootcamp, I visited the city as a tourist in July 2019.

I often found myself having to face tiring climbs, typical of the city.

Are people experiencing problems too when walking in Lisbon?

How they deal with climbs?


14 days

My Role

  • User Experience Double Diamond Full Process
  • Brand Interface draft development
  • Interaction Design with Prototypes
  • Public pitch


As a Bootcamp Project, my goal was to prepare a complete presentation and present it in public for the final exam.


As a Bootcamp Project, my goal was to

  • prepare a complete presentation
  • present it in public for the final exam.


Flat_LX is an app helps people in Lisbon to walk with more awareness of the city's altitude levels

UX Article 👇🏻

User Research


I started planning my User Research starting from what people think about the accessibility in Lisbon.

I collected quotations and had direct experience in different scenarios.

Main Goals

  1. What apps users currently use to plan their journeys.
  2. Which problems they usually experience while choosing the path.
  3. Understand what are the most relevant information for them.

From my online Survey


Interview Insights

From many different perspectives, I was able to analyse the contexts and uses of my potential users.

The research was amazing!

Asking people information, ask why; opened me to unexplored points of view that after three days, allowed me to create my User Personas on which to focus my research.

Info point experience

I went to different info points in the city and no one has a map to show height levels.

Nothing at all about it.

I don’t have enough photos because I didn’t want to make the interviewees uncomfortable but if you’re interested in going into the details of the process, we can talk about it in person in Lisbon!




Among the wonderful experiences, I met Clyde and talked about it in this article:

User Persona


Users Stories

Having had real awareness with the data and interviews, users have trouble finding and seeing this type of information.

I created my 2 different User Stories with an extra mile for a non-digital solution that will be developed outside this project.


As a father of a family on vacation, I want to receive information on the altitude so that I can carry my stroller and helping my kids without pain.


As a person living in Lisbon who hates climbs, I would like to be able to better plan my journeys by trying to avoid climbs so I can plan my appointments without delay.

Problem Statement

How Might I

  1. Taking into account Anthony' (tired and overburdened) state of mind, when suggesting him the best path to make his way through Lisbon?
  2. Provide in advance information about altitude so that Alexandra could be warned about climbs and plan better her journeys in advance using public transports.

Address the problem on a large scale

Clear altitude information is missing, but if the destination is very close and the climb is inevitable?There can be no way to suggest a different itinerary to “workaround” the problem.



How can I make content more interesting to persons like Anthony and Alexandra?

Giving information and making them aware of the choice without surprise.

The ideas that came to my mind are 3:

Incline filter: 

the ability to filter maps and places using a filter that gives information on the altitude level

Climb alerts: 

a popup card that informs you that there may possibly be climbs to be addressed and the distance in meters

Colour radar: 

The map is made in such a way as to show coloured “green” areas and high-gradient areas coloured in green.


The final result 👇🏻