Identifying Problem Patterns

  1. Iterative Interviewing
  2. Recording and Synthesizing the Data

Find people who match most of the criteria in the demographic and behavior sections of the

document. You shouldn’t interview just anybody who uses your product.


will help you find gaps in your current product or in the market for you to fill with new features.


on the other hand, will help you understand your users better and design something that fits nicely into their lives.

Looking for patterns

  • Tell me about...
  • How do you currently [do thing]?
  • How do you know how much [effort]? How about how much you're [...]
  • Have you had any problems or issues with this system? If so, what?
  • How did you decide to [do other thing]
  • Have you used any other [product] to [solve problem]? If so, how did they work for you? Why did you stop using them?
  • Will you show me what sort of things you do on a typical day of your business?