Pick a Research Methodology

User vs Product
What is/Outcomes
Find the right methodology to use for learning the answer to your research questions.

Users or your Product?

User Research

is for the users. What sorts of problems they’re experiencing in their everyday lives that you can solve for them.

Product Research

is the sort of thing you do after you already have a very good understanding of the person for whom you’re building a product. (Usability Testing where the goal is to figure out where you’re putting obstacles in the way of customer success)

• I want to know why so many people start the registration process in my product but then stop.

Generating Ideas or Validating Ideas?

Generative research

can give you insights into your users that will help you come up with better ideas that are more likely to be valid because they’re based on something.

Valuating research

is a method of finding out whether something is valid, like a design concept, marketing copy, a prototype, or a hypothesis. With evaluative research, you’ve already come up with a hypothesis or idea or even a product, and you’re testing it to see what’s right or wrong about it.

What or Why


is happening with your users is all about quantitative data


is happening it's about behaviour and qualitative data

Long Term vs. Single session answer

Does the question can be answered in a single session or in long time?

Longer-term studies are harder to conduct than one-time sessions, since they require that you stay in contact with individual people or track their behaviour over the course of weeks or months.