Provisional Personas

Getting everybody on the team to share a single vision of the user(S)
What is/Outcomes
Create a theoretical vision of your product's ideal ONE USER TYPE
Until you can identify the specific things that make a person want to be a customer, you don’t have an accurate predictive persona. And that means your product and design decisions will be based on a lie.

Each team member should get a pack of sticky notes and a regular sheet of paper. First, they’ll take their piece of paper, turn it sideways, and divide it into four quadrants (see Figure 2.3). The team should do this part of the exercise silently and independently. You’ll compare your work later, but it’s important that everybody participates in this first part alone so that you can understand how you each think about your key user without influence.

Give the 4 Prompts


A predictive persona is a tool that allows you to validate whether you can accurately identify somebody who will become a customer, which is an incredibly useful thing to be able to do when you’re looking for new users or designing for current ones.

To see if your persona is predictive, try recruiting ten people based entirely on the factors you listed in your persona document. You’ll want to screen them pretty strictly to make sure they match.

Now that you have your personas, and you’re pretty sure that they’re predictive, you’re ready for the next step—getting out of the building and starting to observe and listen to real humans.

You should constantly be going back to your personas and updating them as you learn new things and build an understanding of the people who are going to buy your product.