Set Team OKRs

Set an appropriate objective for your product team and identify the key results that you need to achieve and measure.
What is/Outcomes

Objective Key Results

STEP 1: Set the Objective

We want to...Why? ... Why?

STEP 2: Generate Key Results

• Acquisition: “Acquire five new paying customers in Italy in Q1.”

• Revenue: “Create $5 million in new revenue from Italy next year.”

• Retention: “Reduce churn of current customers in Italy by 50%.”

STEP 3: Prioritise

Your job is to pick three key results that you feel you can track over the next quarter to understand whether you’re making progress.

STEP 4: Track Your Progress

You need a weekly metrics review for the entire team where you look at all the key results to see if they’re improving and to figure out what everybody’s doing to make that happen.