The User Map

Complete understanding of your users or potential users
What is/Outcomes
It can help you identify several specific traits of your user that you’ll need to know.

Before your user becomes your user, they have to hear about your product somewhere.

Channels and influencers

  • Where does your user learn about products like this?
  • What sorts of messages do they respond to?
  • Who are their influencers or approvers for selecting and buying products like this?

Goals and Purchase Intent

  • What need are they trying to meet?
  • What do they currently do to meet this need?
  • How much time do they spend meeting this need?
  • How much money have they spent meeting this need?
  • Are they currently looking for a solution to meet this need?
  • Do they have special requirements or needs for adopting the product?

User/Product Fit

  • What behaviours/needs/goals predict usage?
  • How does this product meet the need?
  • How does this product make the user better?

Context of Use

  • With whom will they use the product? Virtually, in person, combo?
  • Where will they use the product?
  • When and how often will they use the product?

Future Use

  • Why will they keep using it over the course of the next few years?
  • How will their usage change over the next few months? The next few years?
  • What will be different about the user in the next few months? The next few years?

⇒ Try to figure out whether the person you’ve just described exists.