The User Map


Before your user becomes your user, they have to hear about your product somewhere.

Channels and influencers

  • Where does your user learn about products like this?
  • What sorts of messages do they respond to?
  • Who are their influencers or approvers for selecting and buying products like this?

Goals and Purchase Intent

  • What need are they trying to meet?
  • What do they currently do to meet this need?
  • How much time do they spend meeting this need?
  • How much money have they spent meeting this need?
  • Are they currently looking for a solution to meet this need?
  • Do they have special requirements or needs for adopting the product?

User/Product Fit

  • What behaviours/needs/goals predict usage?
  • How does this product meet the need?
  • How does this product make the user better?

Context of Use

  • With whom will they use the product? Virtually, in person, combo?
  • Where will they use the product?
  • When and how often will they use the product?

Future Use

  • Why will they keep using it over the course of the next few years?
  • How will their usage change over the next few months? The next few years?
  • What will be different about the user in the next few months? The next few years?

⇒ Try to figure out whether the person you’ve just described exists.