WhatsApp, we have a problem
WhatsApp, we have a problem

WhatsApp, we have a problem


Helping my mum and Whatsapp



The curiosity to understand why my mother is unable to send contacts on Whatsapp


Scope/Objectives: I want to analyse, understand, and improve the experience the user would have in satisfying this need.

❓Who needs to implement this?

It might be interesting to understand how many other people have the same usability problem and to propose the case to Whatsapp if it is really a problem.


The budget does not “serve” in this project; I am independent in carrying out everything I need with my simple laptop, my agency, and my notes.

Starting seeing the whole experience

I could not make a bigger mistake than taking for granted the experience necessary to achieve the goal of making contact with the user.

Even the apparently simplest things need to be analysed and studied smartly since our goal is to improve the experience.

How can we define something “better” if we don’t know what users like based on their needs?

For now, I was only sure that she could not finish the procedure correctly after numerous times. And it was enough to go into detail.



For who are we designing for?

Pablo Stanley, Open Peeps Ⓒ
Pablo Stanley, Open Peeps Ⓒ

🗺 Journey Mapping


Which contact points are involved and how they influence feelings? What obstacles and barriers Maria may encounter?


🔍️ Context

App Already Open

App Closed





Context Error

In the event that the app is closed, it cannot immediately understand the sending order. Whether to open the recipient's chat or the contact to send.


The stress and the previous mistake lead her to "surrender more easily" and lose confidence that she can succeed in her task alone.

Value Proposition Canvas

🤔 Problem

— Alignment


— Definition


— Assumption statement


I believe that Maria has a problem forwarding contacts on Whatsapp. I assume it is a problem because I have qualitatively tested and researched about it. I will know if I am right or not when the outcome of the Usability Testing that I will conduct with her after proposing my alternative, will be successful: it will be easier for her to understand and continue her task easily, making her happier to use the product.


A personal note on Ideation.

Desired Metric

Improve the Net promoter score

Reduce the number of key user actions per task

User Behaviour

Discouraged in the face of the task of forwarding a contact

User Need

Forwarding a contact

From Insights to Design

  1. Encouraging
  2. This concept have to encourage Maria to be sure that he's going through the right process to reach her goal.

2. Simple

It should be as much clearer and simple as possible, to immediately explain who's the contact to send to with

Creative Matrix


Opening the laptop for the Digital UI

My UI Design Workflow

  1. First Design on the iPad
  2. Define the external resources - Images, colours, shape, requirements assets - Icons with IconJar - PixelSnap for alignment
  3. Open Figma and start creating step by step the structure, focusing on the whole
  4. Move the Design to Framer for quick and reliable prototype
  5. Iterating
  6. Repeat constantly Step 5


Starting from the official colour guidelines
Starting from the official colour guidelines
Atom by atom, step by step, component by component...
Atom by atom, step by step, component by component...
I like to set up the basic from Figma before moving to Framer for prototyping (Auto Layout is amazing!)
I like to set up the basic from Figma before moving to Framer for prototyping (Auto Layout is amazing!)


When in Framer, here's the fun part. I like to focus on what I've to build think about my users' needs but still open to copy and drop screens to let ideas going to experiment. It's so powerful to prototype with high fidelity in a glance.

The final Result so far

First Version
Second Version